HealthyKIDS Program Information

HealthyKIDS is a pilot program that helps eligible state employees with their premium for children's health insurance coverage in the State Employees Health Plan. State employee families eligible for HealthyKIDS will have 90% of the premium for their covered children paid by the state and be responsible for the remaining 10%.

State employees can apply for the HealthyKIDS progran during Open Enrollment or when a qualifying event happens within the year. New employees to the State of Kansas may apply for HealthyKIDS during their individual enrollment window. If you have questions about the program or what contitues a qualifying event, contact your agency Human Resource Officer.

Applications may take up to 45 days to process.

How the HealthyKIDS enrollment process works

To expedite the processing of your application, use this checklist to make certain you have everything that is needed.

  • Carefully read and answer all the questions that apply to your situation on this application. If questions are left blank, your application will be denied.
  • Whenever asked, use the state employee id# which shows on your pay advice.

You may be required to submit information not requested on this application form; KDHE may verify any information provided by you; and that incomplete or erroneous information is just cause for rejection of your application and/or sufficient cause for discharge. If you have made an error on a submitted application, or need to make a change, please call (785) 296-3147 to have the application removed from consideration. You will also need to submit a corrected application. Applications can only be submitted once every 24 hours.